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Backyard HF Antenna project

I have been planning a return to HF operation, so the question of stealthy (small) backyard antennas comes up.  The available space is the typical ‘not much’, roughly 55ft by 30ft

Plan A is an inverted L, fed via an auto ATU at the far end of the garden, with the horizontal section of the “L” coming back towards  the house. So far A CG3000 auto-tuner has been obtained on ebay, and a 12m “Spiderbeam” telescopic fibreglass pole.  Every plan should have a sketch, so here’s mine:


So the ATU will not tune easily a length of wire close to 1/2 a wavelength or multiples pf half a wavelength.  I reckon the wire length will be around 23m.   I have to keep away from 21m  which is a half wavelength at 7.1MHz and multiples at 14.2 and 21.3MHz (!)

I plan to run radials under the lawn and along the bottom part of the wooden fencing.

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