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A bit short of space as you can see


HF Equipment

Main Station: SunSDR2 DX  100W sdr transceiver  all HF  bands including 60m plus 2m

Using SSB, FT8,FT4, PSK31 

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Homebrew LDMOS HF Linear based on W6PQL design

Audio Setup:  AKG P420 Microphone and Behringer UMC22 PC Audio Interface


Standby and /P station Elecraft K2/100  very nice kit built 100W single conversion superhet transceiver built from kit circa 2002/3  Excellent receiver. Also with Automatic Antenna Tuner

SSB  80/40/20/17/15/12/10m


Trio/Kenwood TS520S  1970s hybrid transistor/valve rig     100W SSB from a pair of 6146B valves and a 12BY7A driver


The main HF antenna is an inverted L at the bottom of the garden using a 12m spiderbeam. The horizontal section is about 12m in length as well  Very close to neighbours trees and bushes.



Yaesu FT7800 FM 2m/70cm  for /M

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Retevis RT3S DMR handheld  2m/70cm


SunSDR2 DX on 2m SSB/FT8/FM  with Microwave Modules MML 144/100 S Amplifier